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Taking dreams and ideas and making them a reality

Empowering Healthcare Leaders with Confidence and Knowledge

RCG provides healthcare professionals with a level of leadership development that will arm them with the resources they need to think and work like an effective leader. Our clients will lead their team to do the right thing and not just do things right.  There is a dramatic difference.  We want to help physicians find their career paths, reach peak performance, and develop the leadership skills and interpersonal soft skills that they need to be successful in modern medicine.


We all know that the healthcare industry is here to stay and most of us have noticed some subtle changes beginning to take place. Advancements in technology, changing reimbursement models and patient engagement have forever changed the healthcare landscape. The playing field is not level or advantageous for the healthcare professional. You need to be armed with new tools and resources to negotiate the ever-changing theater of healthcare.

The changes our healthcare will see in modern years will be at the decision of its leaders; will that leader, be you?

Our services help healthcare professionals concerned with their performance by assisting them in development and fulfillment at the workplace.  Here are some things to expect:

-Overcome your professional challenges by being a more efficient problem solver
-Improve the morale of you and your teammates resulting in improvements to performance throughout your entire organization
-Reach your full potential as an employee and a co-worker
-Identify your mission and help everyone in your organization contribute to that mission, providing world-class healthcare services effectively

RCG engagements begin with discussions relative to goals and expectations combined with objective assessments.  Together we compose a plan that will consist of immediate steps to take as well as some more long-term actions that are geared toward helping our clients to achieve their goals.  When we serve individuals, the entire organization is often benefited, and we see improvement in the functioning of the organization. We see improvements to communication, enhanced motivation, and the development of useful skills with all the employees in a client’s organization.

Healthcare Executive Coaching/ Career Strategy 

Clinical Leadership Development Training

Military Healthcare Officer Transition Coaching/Advisement 

Healthcare Organization Diversity/Inclusion Consulting 

Medical-Legal Consulting 

Keynote/ Motivational Speaking

Who We Are

We are a leader in specialized coaching, consulting and education for physicians and healthcare organizations.


Healthcare-focused coaching and consulting firm providing you with the tools you need to become a successful healthcare professional and leader. What sets us apart from competitors? We have actually done it! We have been in your position as a physician executive, an operations manager, a chief nursing officer, and healthcare professional. It is not just theory at RCG, it is a reality!


To strive daily to become one of the premier worldwide leaders in the field of healthcare leadership development and to bring creative solutions to solve some of the pressing problems in today's healthcare environment.

"Where knowledge, experience, and integrity produce results!"

-This is our motto.

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Get to know our CEO

"The Level Up Doc"

Clayton M. Ramsue, M.D., CPE, CHCQM, CCHP-P,FAAFP

Dr. Ramsue is a native of Philadelphia, PA. He is a veteran of both the U. S. Navy and Air force, retiring after 25 years of service as a Lieutenant Colonel. He received his Bachelors’ degree in Biology from South Carolina State University, his medical degree from Morehouse School of Medicine and residency training from Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. He holds a Masters’ in Healthcare management from Troy University and is a Fellow with the American Academy of Family Medicine.

Dr. Ramsue has held progressive leadership positions during his career including Senior Medical Officer, Medical Director, Chief of Staff, Regional Medical Director and Vice President of Medical Affairs.

He has distinguished himself by obtaining additional certifications including Certified Physician Executive (CPE), Certified Healthcare Quality Management ( CHCQM), Certified Correctional Healthcare Professional – Physician ( CCHP-P), Master Project Manager ( MPM), Certified International Project Manager ( CIPM), Six Sigma Black belts – Professional and Lean Healthcare,  Certified Executive Coach  ( CEC), Board Certified Coach ( BCC) and specialty niche Coach in Healthcare Leadership Development.


Clayton M. Ramsue

 "The Level Up Doc"


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